Consumer Research & Site Selection
Consumer Research
Knowing your customer and having the insights to act upon that knowledge creates possibilities.  We don't believe in the cookie cutter approach to consumer research our methodologies are custom designed to your specific needs. Related analysis includes customer profile analysis, customer tracking/satisfaction analysis, pre-entry analysis and trouble store analysis. 
  • Who are your customers demographically, psychographically and lifecycles. 
  • What is the makeup of the competitor's customer demographically?
  • How are your customers different?

  • Is our customer changing and how are they changing?

  • Who is your competitor? How do you perform against competition?  

  • What is the dollars spent, transaction, PCE and PHE?

  • Who is attracting the most consumers and why?

  • What is the process or mindset in choosing your brand?

  • How are you positioned in the marketplace? What is your brand equity?

  • What do customers like and dislike about your brand and products?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • How can you improve your promotional/communication strategy?

  • How sensitive are your customers regarding price, selection, quality, service and convenience?

  • What are your customers seeking in the future?

  • Is your retail a planned destination or is it based on traffic?

  • What type of traffic and how much?

  • Where are your customers coming from and going... home, work, play, entertainment, shopping, etc.?

  • Who makes the buying decision in the household?

  • What percentage of your customers shop during the day, evening and weekends?

Customer Profile Analysis

Customer profile analysis increases your  knowledge of present customers demographics, psychographics, lifecycle and behavioral profile

Trade Area Analysis  

A demographic profile is mapped and constructed from the designated trade area in GIS. The analysis can provide information about the trade area such as retail voids, population, age, households, expenditure data, incomes and lifecycles so you can better market to the trade.


Tenant Mix Analysis  

This analysis determines what potential customers want in a center and how best to satisfy them.  It identifies retailing strengths, weaknesses and voids in the marketplace.




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