Consumer Research & Site Selection
Molgren is a consumer research and site selection company.  Molgren has conducted over 6,000 projects for some 700 national retail and consumer clients in the fields of C-stores, Drug, Food Retailers/Wholesalers, Home Centers, General Merchandise, Garden Centers, Petroleum and Restaurants since 1950. 

Our methodology provides a connection between the consumer and locational analysis with the integration of spatial modeling to select the most profitable sites.  From small family startups to large national retailers we have helped them make better site location decisions.

Molgren can help you:  

  • Determine how many outlets a market will support.  
  • Maximize profitability with fewer outlets. 
  • Trade-off analysis of potential sales versus real estate cost.  
  • Mitigate cannibalization between stores. 
  • Determine which stores to close, remodel, and expand.
  • Identify and improve under-performing stores. 
  • Determine competitive impact. 
  • Determine if sales are underperforming because of location, operations, marketing. 
  • Identify target customers and where you find them. 
  • Determine if the retail format will work in a location.

The financial impact and time incurred of a poor site decision can be devastating. It is crucial that you have sound facts on which to base decisions.  There is no reason to leave it to chance.


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